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Jackie Monique [userpic]
Oh No!
by Jackie Monique (nz_jackie)
at August 15th, 2008 (07:16 pm)

current mood: angry

ADB is Down! *tear*
Some IDIOT decided it would be fun to Hack it! Why I odda!!! *Shakes Fist*

For those that do not know of it, there is a Yahoo Group Devoted to when ADB has technical difficulties...


At the moment, only 33 of us have found our way over there, so lets try and get all of us there :D



Posted by: KimberlyFDR (kimberlyfdr)
Posted at: August 15th, 2008 11:02 am (UTC)
Canada Man

I really, really hope he can get a site up and running again in October. He'd probably have to start from scratch, but still...the loss of ADB would be horrid :(

Posted by: Jackie Monique (nz_jackie)
Posted at: August 15th, 2008 11:06 am (UTC)

Yeah, as the saying goes, you don't know what you have until its gone...
I keep clicking my Home Page button to check the site, just habit but I soo wish it was still there...I would hate to see it gone for good...


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